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Small Business Accountants

Accurate and timely accounting information is a necessity for any successful business. Our business division, SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTANTS, has 42 years of experience combining education, expertise and cutting-edge technology. SBA can assist you on either a temporary or ongoing basis.

We can design, implement, incorporate, set-up and maintain your company. Our ENTITY COMPARISON ANALYSIS will show you which form of business entity will serve your personalized needs at this time in your life. We think of it as "custom shoes".

Many small company owners read articles or talk to friends/acquiantances, who are eager to share "information" about legal tax saving strategies for small businesses. Unfortunately, that "information" is little more than a "Headline", if it is correct at all. The "How to" is missing from most helpful suggestions.

Every single TAX SAVING STRATEGY has rules that must be followed or the deduction will be disallowed. We have the systems, forms and knowledge necessary to build you a financial ship that will not take on water or sink. We provide:

  • Tax Planning based on fact and opportunity
  • Monthly Accounting via Online Client Bookkeeping Solution Software
  • Rock solid accounting books based on generally accepted accounting principles as accepted by the IRS and all States
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Financial Statements including:
    • Profit & Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow & more
  • Quarterly Payroll & Sales Tax Filings Online/li>
  • Yearly Property Tax Returns & Corporate Franchise Returns
  • Yearly Corporate, Partnership, Retirement Plan, Trust & Benefits Income Tax & Information Returns
  • Owner Benefit Maximization
  • Owner Tax Deferred AND tax-free income from Benefit & Retirement Planning and Plans
  • SBA (not us, but the Small Business Administration) backed Loan Qualification Packages - 3-YR Financial Projections & Start-Up Costs for expanding and new business as required for any bank loan whether SBA backed or not
  • Forensic Analysis of any business you are thinking of acquiring or Franchise you want to buy. Call it expertise combined with healthy skepticism. We don't want you to part with your money unless you truly getting what you expect.
  • Business Valuation Services

Financial Engineering Services

Effective management of financial affairs requires extensive knowledge, organization, and constant vigilance. WE provide a complete range of consulting and advisory services to help with the complexities of small business set-up, operation, benefits, tax planning, financing and proper business acounting records to acquire and keep the ability to maximize profits AND tax savings. We know how to protect you.

We truly care about our clients and strive to form lasting relationships with each of them - providing beneficial information, access to a wealth of resources, and a proactive stance in serving each client's needs.

Our financial planning services include:

  • Investment Consulting
  • Financial Planning to Achieve Specific Goals
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate and Business Succession Planning
  • Insurance Consulting
  • Tax Planning and Return Preparation Services

Expertise. Peace of mind. These are the things that you can expect your tax advisor to provide. We view our relationship with each of our clients as an ongoing partnership and strive to provide you with quality, up-to-date tax return preparation and advice. We keep abreast of current tax laws throughout the year to minimize your tax liabilities and to maximize your future opportunities.

Whether you are an individual or small business owner, you deserve the attention of a tax accountant, not a data entry person or run of the mill cpa. The average return preparer came of age in the time of tax software. Many will tell you that, like you, they don't need to know the law, because the software does it for them.

We don't rely on the software; we expect it to have glitches and problems that we will have to identify and work around. At some point, the software company will make a patch and fix the problem. You deserve someone who could identify the issue before the software update.

Business Valuation Services

ESOPs, litigation support, mergers and acquisitions, divorce settlements, buy - sell agreements... In these cases, you need to know what your business is worth. Rely on our firm to assist you through these difficult processes. We will do a comprehensive analysis that can help you make informed decisions.