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Appointment Book

Send Liz an email or call her at 410.730.1414 ext 202 (877.890.1040 ext 202, if out of state).

If you need an appointment, you can access our appointment book 24hrs a day, and schedule your own appointment.

Don't panic, this is actually so cool you will kvell (grin with attitude, do the shimmy). Caution: Make sure you complete the process. If you do not, your chosen appointment date and time will not be reserved. If you complete the process, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do NOT receive confirmation, check back.

Once you make your appointment, you and I will both receive a long as you give us a good email address.

If you are new to us, we will email a PDF of our Questionnaire. Grit your teeth and fill it out before your appointment. Trust us, we all need this.

If you are a returning client - Click here to login. (Oops! Did you save your User ID and Password from last year?! If not, pretend it is your first time AND save the login info this time.)

New & New-To-This-Process Clients - Click here to register and make an appointment. You will need our copyrighted Quuestionnaire. The online Organizer is not for first time clients.