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Liz Harper, Enrolled Agent

The single greatest expenditure for most people is taxes. Federal income tax, state, city and local income tax, social security, Medicare, sales, excise, amusement (strange oxymoron), use, gift, estate, occupancy tax, and the ubiquitous intangibles tax.

The small business owner has additional taxes in the form of federal and state unemployment tax, workmen's compensation insurance (a percent of payroll--sounds like a tax to me) and inventory taxes.

I have dedicated my life to tax planning, reduction and resolution with the goal of allowing my clients to keep more of their money in their possession. Most people willingly pay more tax than they should. They don't know what they don't know. They think they are saving money by using TurboTax.

A goal or dream is only that without a plan to accomplish it. Getting from here to there requires a bridge made up of steps and choices. Without a plan, most people spend a lifetime dreaming about a place they will never reach.

I am not your father's accountant. This is not a cold business of just numbers and law. I have spent a lifetime building relationships and working for the finest people I know, our clients. I would chose to be with most of them if I was retired, on a beach, and had sand between my toes.

I would like to see if we are a fit. I work best with people who have goals, seek knowledge and value loyalty. My goal is to create an environment that offers the opportunity to let go of fear based mental chatter and replace it with resource based information and strategies.

I am an Enrolled Agent. I have been tested and investigated by IRS. Only about 5% of all tax preparers in the country have qualified as an "Enrolled Agent”. Only about 25% of the people taking the exam pass it the first time. And, there is a mandatory continuing education requirement far more extensive than a yearly "update".

I have done my best to make our Questionnaire personal and simple. I have tried to list every category, provide enough space and enough notes to make those light bulbs go off in your head. (THAT's what she meant!.)

Many clients make a copy of the questionnaire before they fill it out and then use that copy to collect their information for the next year.

Every year it changes as part of an endless process whether dictated by law changes or a suggestion from a client. It is collaboration with our clients. Every tax season, they show us ways to make it better and then applaud us the following year when it has "miraculously" improved.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. My email address is My goal is to provide the best tax advisory and preparation service possible. As with any advisor, the more I know, the more I can contribute.



All my best,