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Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Lawyer

Did you ever think you needed a lawyer, but you were not sure?

Did you ever hire a lawyer and wonder afterward if you did the right thing?

Was a money issue involved?

Aren't most legal issues about money to some degree?

Chances are that you needed a "pre-lawyer" consult with an accountant who specializes in Individual and Small Business financial issues.

We offer a service called "Pre-Law". Before the lawyers with their high retainers and hourly rates wouldn't it be nice to sit down with a professional and get organized and informed about your situation?

Here are just a few examples of "legal" issues that are also financial issues:

Pre-Nuptuals: It is your choice. One in two marriages ends in divorce. It is not cold blooded to make sure you are financially compatible. It is an act of sanity. Money issues are the hidden dirty secret in our society. Age is no guarantee that someone has "Emotional Intelligence", also known as E.Q. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. Why wouldn't you review an up to date credit report? You are about to "marry" your credit scores (FICO) too.

Credit Card Use
Having Children You Can Afford
College Funds for Kids
In the event of divorce, what are the agreements?
One Partner Going Back to School to Increase the Family Income
Getting Credit Straightened Out Before the Marriage

Divorce: All the tax implications are best worked out by a Tax Accountant before or during the Legal Process. Without aggressive tax and financial attention you will probably get your divorce, but you will not even know about the monetary benefits that were available.

Support vs Alimony
Timing of Sale of Family Residence
Which Children to deduct on your taxes & how to guarantee those deductions
Home Interest & Taxes vs Support
How to Protect your Credit Rating
Getting an Accurate Audit of Your Spouse's Business
Specific Performance Clauses That Guarantee Compliance

Business Issues:

Choosing the Right Entity Based on Your Financial Goals
Compatibility Issues When Two or More are Gathered To Own and Operate a Business
(also known as a marriage without side benefits)
Financial Advantages in Setting Up as a CASH Basis Business
Avoiding the Lease Clauses That Will Put You Out of Business
Landlord Money Traps
Truly Understanding the Net Net Net Lease

Buying or Selling a Business?

Avoid the financial traps on how you value assets and liabilities
What You Need to Know About "GOODWILL" & "Restrictive Covanents"