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Tax Preparation

There are numerous problems that can occur when you prepare your own tax returns.

You don't know what you do not know AND

You cannot learn what you think you already know.

If you think you are really qualified to do your own taxes, go to the IRS website and download the study guide for tax preparers. Take the study test. How did that work for you? That is the least IRS expects a tax return preparer to know.

An ENROLLED AGENT is given a far more extensive and complicated set of tests.

What can happen when you prepare the returns? You can make a mistake that is not in your favor OR

You can misinterpret what you think the law says and wind up with interest and penalties for failure to claim something as income or because you deducted something incorrectly.

Every year we gain about 78 new clients. Of that number, an average of 28% need to amend at least one prior return.

Either something was missed OR an income item has caused an IRS notice of Proposed Adjustment.

If we make a mistake, we pay the interest and penalties.

In addition, our monthly Newsletters will flag new things and present tax tips to keep you up to date as things change, often daily.

Remember, ignorance is no excuse for errors in your return. The IRS law says that you are responsible. If you prepare your own return, you are telling the IRS that you are informed and competant. No excuses later when it quietly blows up in your face.

A fulltime, practicing Enrolled Agent knows things that would never occur to you. We actually like read tax law in our spare time as a form of recreation. There is no way that a parttime preparer can be a first class tax expert.

Tax is a fulltime profession and it is not for amateurs or parttimers. You wouldn't use a parttime doctor. Why would you use a parttime tax preparer.

We design forms and systems to help you track and document your income and expenses.

The fee for yearly tax preparation includes a year of Newsletters, the ability to call with a quick question and not be charged, and access to the Clients Only section of our website.

Can we be of service to you?

Let's see if we are fit.